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The Cross

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There are five bands with that name:

1) Roger Taylor's band
2) The Korean band (더 크로스)
3) The progressive metal band
4) A Japanese duo
5) Doom metal band from Brazil

The Cross was a separate band project put together by Roger Taylor (the drummer for Queen) from 1987 to 1991.

The four other members were Spike Edney (who went on to form 'Spike's All Stars' - the SAS Band), Clayton Moss, Peter Noone, and Joshua J. McCrae.

The first album, 'Shove it' (1988), was more-or-less a solo album for Taylor - he wrote all the songs and played most of the instruments. The band were formed initially for the tour which followed the release of this album.

However, the newly formed band were allowed a much greater input into the other two recordings, 1990's 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know' and 'Blue Rock' (1991). Unfortunately the release of 'Blue Rock' was overshadowed by the death of Freddie Mercury in November 1991 and, following a few weeks of poor sales, the album was pulled from record stores. It was only ever released in Germany. Due to this limited release, 'Blue Rock' is now highly collectable, with copies regularly selling for over £50 on eBay. Of the three albums, 'Blue Rock' is the most Queen-like.

The Cross (더 크로스) is a korean rock band formed in 2003.


- Lee Si-Ha (이시하), 29/10/1982 - Composition, back vocals, piano, guitar, leader
- Kim Kyeong-Hyeon (김경현), 02/08/1982 - Main vocals

Former members:

- Kim Hyeok-Keon (김혁건), 12/04/1982 – Main vocals

The Cross is also a Traditional Metal/Progressive Metal band with one Demo called Metal From Above. It was reissued through Steel Legacy(333 LP and 1000 CD)in 2007.

the CROSS is also a Japanese duo, which consists of Daisuke and ショーガ (Syo-ga).
Website: (in Japanese)

The Cross is doom metal band with black metal influences from Brazil

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