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The Chills

New Zealand indie pop indie flying nun Kiwi

    The Chills are an indie pop band which formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1980. The band's only constant member has been singer/songwriter Martin Phillips (vocals, guitar). The current members of the group aside from Phillips are Erica Stichbury (guitar, keyboards, vocals), James Dickson (bass, vocals), and Todd Knudson (drums).

    The band has released five studio albums: "Brave Worlds" (1987), "Submarine Bells" (1990), "Soft Bomb" (1992), "Sunburnt" (1996), and "Silver Bullets" (2015). The compilation "Kaleidoscope World" (1986) collects most of their single releases and EPs between 1980 and 1986.

    The band is best known as apart of the style of indie pop music, which coalesced around the Auckland-based label Flying Nun Records. The band originally formed with the lineup of Martin Phillips (vocals, guitar), his sister Rachel Phillips (keyboards), Peter Gutteridge (guitar), Jane Dodd (bass) and Alan Haig (drums). By the time the band released their debut single "Rolling Moon" in 1982, the lineup had changed to Martin Phillips, Rachel Phillips, Terry Moore (bass), and Martyn Bull. The band disbanded when Bull died of leukemia in 1983.

    Martin Phillips reformed The Chills in 1984, the band never again had a constant lineup, with the only two members to last for more than two albums being bassist Justin Harwood and keyboardist Andrew Todd, who were both members of the group from 1986 to 1990. Terry Moore also rejoined the band sporadically between 1984 and 1992. The Chills disbanded in 1993, but reformed once more in 1995. Since then the band has sporadically toured and recorded.

    The Chills has published photos.