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The Buggles

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The Buggles were a UK / group that formed in 1977, consisting of Trevor Horn (bass guitar, guitar, percussion, and vocals) with Geoff Downes (percussion and keyboards).

The Buggles' sound was characterised by a deliberately synthetic quality in keeping with the technological subject matter of their songs. The group had a smash hit with the first single from their debut album, 'The Age of Plastic'. Song "Video Killed The Radio star" famously provided the 1st music video ever played on MTV (on August 1, 1981).

The novelty value of their most popular song has led to the Buggles being perceived as being a . They did release three further singles, but none came close to emulating the success of their debut track. Specifically, "The Age of Plastic" reached #16 in the UK, "Clean Clean" stalled at #38, and "Elstree" failed to enter the top 40. Still, they've been well received by the later cult audience of revival devotees.

After joining group Yes for their 1980 'Drama' album and tour and then recording the second Buggles album, 'Adventures in Modern Recording', in 1981, The Buggles members parted ways to explore other projects. Horn has been a highly successful record producer while Downes has served as a key member of the supergroup Asia. Both of them have revisited their Buggles material to enthusiastic audiences.

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