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Thank You Scientist

Progressive rock jazz jazz fusion rock Progressive

    Hoping to remove the stigma New Jersey has garnered through certain unmentionable television programs, Thank You Scientist is a seven piece experimental rock group that features no spray tans or blowouts. The band has been captivating live audiences throughout New Jersey and New York with their "face-melting" live performances. Consistently packing every venue they play, there is never room to move at a Thank You Scientist show, and with good reason: these guys deliver. Now, with the release of their debut ep, "The Perils of Time Travel," the band is ready to bring their sound to a wider audience. An unprecedented amalgam of progressive rock, indie, jazz fusion, and classical, their sound is prone to leaving audiences slack-jawed, transfixed, and generally confused. A Frank Zappa for the indie generation? Incubus jamming with the Mahavishnu Orchestra? Mr. Bungle and Steely Dan joining forces to fight Godzilla? King Crimson and the Brecker Brothers serenading you at your bedside? It all seems so strange on paper, yet it's sure to satisfy your ears in the best of ways.

    Sal - Vocals
    Tom - Guitar
    Russ - Violin
    Greg - Bass
    Odin - Drums
    Andrew - Trumpet
    Ellis - Saxophone

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