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Tetsuya Komuro

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Tetsuya Komuro (小室 哲哉, Komuro Tetsuya?), born November 27, 1958 in Fuchu, Tokyo Japan, is a Japanese keyboardist, songwriter and music producer. He is recognized for making dance music permeate in the Japanese public. He is also known as TK. Also, he was the former owner of Velfarre, a disco in Roppongi, Tokyo.

His career started as a keyboardist for Speedway in 1979. In 1984, he build up TM Network with Takashi Utsunomiya and Naoto Kine. A year later, in 1985, his first solo work was the soundtrack "Vampire Hunter D" for the anime Vampire Hunter D, and his band, TM Network, did the closing credits song "Your Song". He subsequently composed other soundtracks such as Heaven and Earth, Seven days War.

Moreover in 1989/1990, Komuro had played with Warren Cuccurullo as a solo singer. In 1991, he collaborated with X Japan's Yoshiki as the V2.

TM Network changed its name to TMN in 1990. TMN disbanded in 1994, then in 1999 they reunited under their old name of TM Network, and remain active to this day.

However by the early 1990s Komuro was spending much of his time writing and producing many other musicians and bands. He was also an early pioneer of dance music in Japan, and came to stardom in the 1990s as producer with a long string of hits with artists such as TRF (TK Rave Factory), Tomomi Kahala, Namie Amuro, Ami Suzuki, hitomi, Ryoko Shinohara and H Jungle with t. In 1994, he composed the musical score to the Japanese anime film Street Fighter II, based on the Capcom video game. This score was removed from the US release of the film.

He was mainly helped in this task by the mix engineers Pete Hammond and Dave Ford. Both were working for PWL, which was the home of the British producing team Stock Aitken Waterman. Not only that, "TK" is also credited for the rise to fame of Daisuke Asakura, a popular Japanese composer, keyboardist and music producer who began his major musical career as a backup keyboardist for TM Network. Asakura is reported to view Komuro as his "Sensei" or "Teacher".

In 1997, he started his overseas career with the remix of the theme music of the action movie "Speed 2: Cruise Control". Komuro is perhaps best known in the west for his collaboration with French keyboardist Jean Michel Jarre from 1998 to 2001. The duet wrote the theme song for the 1998 FIFA World Cup Together Now as well as several other tracks and remixes. He and Jean-Michel also performed a concert on beaches in Okinawa on January 1st, 2001.

TK also released albums as a solo singer or musician and was involved in the bands globe, Kiss Destination and Gaball. He has been married three times, currently he is married Keiko Yamada the lead singer of his band globe. Prior to his marriage to Yamada in 2002 his personal life became the center of controversy. He filed for divorce with wife at the time Yoshida Asami whom were only married for 10 months. The couple also had a child and he was ordered to pay ¥1 billion yen in alimony.

Recently, he distributes some club music online under the name of "DJ TK".

Tetsuya Komuro has published photos.