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Terry Poison

electronic Electroclash synthpop female vocalists electropop

    Tel Aviv based 'Terry Poison' are true love child of samplers, guitar riffs, analogue synths and apocalyptic beats. The band consists of Louise Kahn (Vox) Bruno Grife (Production and synth bass) and Anna Landesman (Production, Synth Guitar and B-Vox). On drums the band works with Daisy Palmer (Goldfrapp) and Roy Cheled.

    With their energetic live show, Terry Poison’s been touring the globe, sharing stages with artists such as Justice, Calvin Harris, as well as opening for Depeche Mode, been rocking out festivals; Zigeth, Fusion and Rock en Seine and done various fashion weeks parties in London, Paris and LA. Through their Paris based label Ekleroshock (Data and Danger) TP’s been remixed by The Twelves, Don Rimini, Ashton Shuffle and Data. Their Debut album “Terry Poison” was released in Israel of which 3 of the albums tracks made it number 1 on all national radio charts. In 2010 they were selected by Depeche Mode to open for them in Ramat Gan’s stadium. Wrote and recorded ‘Little doll’, the theme song for a TV serial ‘Dolls’ clocking over 10 million hits worldwide on YouTube. Currently writing their second album and working on a new video clip and a video game app to be released in 2013 !

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