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Terami Hirsch

female vocalists singer-songwriter piano indie alternative

Terami Hirsch is a U.S. singer-songwriter, whose work combines literate pop music, low-fi electronics, and piano melodies.

A Los Angeles native, Hirsch began taking piano lessons at the age of five. As a student of classical music, she is influenced by such diverse styles as the Baroque and Chopin's nocturnes, as well as by contemporary artists such as Kate Bush, Paul Simon, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

In addition to her formal training in music, Hirsch attended Art Center College of Design, graduating with an emphasis in cinematography. She gained experience in a wide variety of artistic disciplines: acting in independent films, writing poetry, pursuing experimental photography, and starting her own web-design business. Perhaps because of these interests, she also acknowledges the films of Jean Cocteau, the surrealist photographs of Man Ray, collages by Picasso, and the poetry of Jack Gilbert as additional influences upon her music. It also allowed her to control the entire process of album creation from composition and production to cover art.

Despite Hirsch's classical and technical fluency, it wasn't until she took time off to live in Ireland that she began her career as an independent artist. She found herself composing music on leaning, upright pianos in hotel lobbies throughout western Ireland. When she returned home to Los Angeles, she compiled and translated those musical impressions, recording her first album, All Girl Band (1999). She followed this up in 2002 with a more rhythmic, electronic album, To the Bone.

Her third album, Entropy 29, was released in November 2005, wholly written, recorded, produced, and programmed by Hirsch as an exploration of the notion of time-travel.

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