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There are at least eight artists that use this name
1. A rock band from Slovakia
2. A punk band from the United Kingdom
3. A singer from Thailand
4. A rap group from the United States
5. A dance group from Serbia
6. A rock band from Russia
7. A punk band from Canada
8. An indie/rock band from the United States
9. A vocal group from South Korea

1) Slovak band founded in early 1980 by guitarist Dušan Antalík with bass guitarist Ivan Válek. Later (in 1988) joined Pavol Habera as a lead vocalist and leader of the group. Then TEAM started to recording their debut album TEAM 1. The band's best known songs include "Držím ti miesto", "Reklama na ticho". They are still touring and playing.
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TEAM 1 (1988)
TEAM 2 - Prichytený pri živote (1989)
TEAM 3 (1990)
TEAM 4 (1991)
TEAM 5 (1993)
TEAM 6 - Voľná zóna (1996)
TEAM 7 - 7edem (2000)
TEAM 8 - Mám na teba chuť :-) (2002)
TEAM - Live in Praha (2003)
TEAM X (2004)
TEAM 11 (2007)

2) Punk Rock band from , (MusicBrainz). In true Fugazi-inspired style TEAM wrote, recorded, financed, produced and mixed "The Line From A-B" themselves. For fans of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Fugazi, Biffy Clyro.

3) A male singer from Thailand.

4) A Hyphy Rap group from the Bay Area of California, United States.

5) 90s Serbian pop-dance duo (Team)

6) Rock group from Vladivostok

7) A punk band from Toronto, ON formed in 2002. They broke up in 2004, having recorded one e.p., Sparkle Rocks.

8) An indie/rock band that consists of Caleb Turman and Rico Garcia of Forever the Sickest Kids, Bryan Donahue formerly of Boys Like Girls and Jay of Vilardi of The Almost.

9) TEAM (팀) was a Korean male group formed in 07/22/1999. The group consisted of MC Changjin (MC 창진), Park Seong-jin (박성진), Sohn Su-ik (손수익), and Yang Chang-ik (양창익).

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