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Tappi Tíkarrass

post-punk icelandic experimental punk bjork

Tappi Tíkarrass was a famous punk/pop band from Iceland which added elements of funk, disco and jazz to their music, marking a difference from other traditional bands at that time. The band is also considered the first serious music project of now renowned singer Björk Guðmundsdóttir.

The name Tappi Tíkarrass, which in Icelandic means “Cork the Bitch’s Arse” was given after Jakob’s father claimed that the band’s music “fitted like a cork in a bitch’s arse”.
Tappi Tíkarrass combined elements of punk and pop music to create an exotic post punk with references to Siouxsie & the Banshees and the first stage of The Cure.

They started to record in August 1982 and released an EP titled Bítið Fast í Vítið which went out through label Spor. This 12” vinyl was formed of 5 tracks performed by Björk, who replaced the original vocals by Eyþór. The only song in English was “London”.
They followed up in 1983 with the release of their first album titled Miranda, which was released by Gramm. This record consisted of 13 tracks and even though Tappi Tíkarrass was the less experimenting project of singer Björk, this album outstands with songs like “Kríó” which feature pop melodies, and “Tjet”, a song that renders a mellow start and ends with disco references.

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