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Tal Bachman

pop rock Canadian 90s singer-songwriter

Tal Bachman is a best known for his 1999 self-titled debut as well as for being the son of Bachman-Turner Overdrive star Randy Bachman. Born Talmage Charles Robert Bachman on August 13, 1968, the artist grew up in musical environment, absorbing the breadth of his father's enormous record collection and teaching himself to play guitar. He went on to study political philosophy at a Utah State University, soon returning to his native Vancouver in 1995 to begin writing songs.

His debut album, 'Tal Bachman', was released by Columbia in 1999. Scoring a smash hit with "She's So High", a pop/rock tune that achieved major airplay both in the U.S. and Canada, he earned much critical praise. The aforementioned tune won him a BMI award and he also scored a Juno for being Best New Solo Artist of the year. Bachman's work has also appeared on many mutli-artist collaboration albums over the years.

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