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Tři Sestry

Czech pub rock punk rock seen live punk

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Tři Sestry (Three Sisters) is a Czech punk band, founded in spring 1985 during a binge drinking party in the pub "Na Kovárně". The group started as a punk-rock one with a lot of self-amusement (and a lot of drinking). They are still present on most of music festivals around the Czech Republic, still playing punk-rock.

Present line-up:
Lou Fanánek Hagen: vocals
Ing. Magor: bass guitar
Supice Veronika: accordion
Ronald Seitl: guitar
Zdeněk Petr: guitar
Franta Vrána: drums
Jaroušek: saxophone, clarinet
Franta Kacafírek: violin

The frontman of the group Lou Fanánek Hagen is well known for his humorous lyrics not only for Tři Sestry, but also for other bands (some of them are quite serious). He has also written the lyrics for the Czech version of The Smurfs.


Original line-up:
Ing. Magor, Hadr, Sup (Skiol Podraga), Petr Dachau Jírovec.

The concert premiere took place at a Hollywood-like party celebrating Magor's 20th birthday in summer 1985. At the end of summer holidays of 1985, three singers joined the band during a binge drinking party in the pub "Na Kovárně" - Bombur, Síma and Fanánek. Several unsuccessful performances at competitions organized by ZUČ a SSM in Strahov clubs "01" and "07" followed. Famous hops picking tour took place in September 1987 with Fanánek being the only singer surviving previous clean-up. A new guitarist Nikotin joined the band. Further club performances followed; the performance at Rockfest in 1988 had an outstanding success. Sup, Magor and Hadr were drafted for a compulsory military service in 1989-1990. In summer 1990, the band participated in the compilation "Punk'n OI". The first record "Na Kovárně, to je nářez" was released in November 1990 and it was awarded by the magazine "Melodie" as 'break-through of the year'. Tři Sestry released many other records, changing guitarists and accordion players.

Na Kovárně, to je nářez - 1990
Alkáč je největší kocour, aneb několik písní o lásce - 1991
Hagen Baden - Hagen Baden - 1992
Švédská trojka - 1993
25:01 - 1993
Hagen Baden - Ahoj, kluci - 1993
Stará Kovárna, aneb konec punku v Čechách - 1994
Hudba z Marsu - 1995
Rarity - 1995
Zlatí hoši - 1996
Průša se vrací - 1998
Soubor kreténů - 1999
Hlavněže je večírek - 15 let Souboru kreténů - 2000
15 let jsem na Kovárně na plech - 2000
Do Evropy nechceme - Tři Sestry & Krakonoš - 2002
Lihová škola umění aneb Válka s loky - 2003
Na eXX - 2005
20 let naživu - 2006
Mydlovary - 2007
Fanánek - Jevany - 2008
Čtvrtá sestra (singl) - 2008
Beatová síň slávy - 2009
Lázničky - 2010

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