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    Télépopmusik is a French electronic music trio. The group's first album was Genetic World, and several singles from the album have been released since. The group's second album, Angel Milk was released in 2005. Télépopmusik consists of musicians Fabrice Dumont (bass, of the pop band Autour de Lucie), Stephan Haeri (also known as 2 Square for his solo projects), and Christophe Hetier who DJ's under the name of Antipop. Most of the vocals are provided by Angela McCluskey, formerly of the folk band Wild Colonials. Angel Milk also included some guest vocals from Deborah Anderson. Rapper Mau, from trip-hop band Earthling, appeared as guest vocalist on both Genetic World as Soda-Pop (tracks "Genetic World", "Da Hoola" and "Trishika") and on Angel Milk as Mau ("Anyway", "Last Train To Wherever", "Hollywood On My Toothpaste", "Tuesday" and "15 Minutes").

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