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dubstep future garage electronic UK Garage 2-step

There are two artists with this name:

(1) Synkro (also spelled S.Y.N.K.R.O) is the dubstep/two-step producer and DJ Joe McBride, based in Manchester, UK.
Although still maintaining a presence in the wider bass music sphere, Synkro showcased his diversity in tempo, structure and new sound with the superlative ‘Reservoir’ bw ‘Just Say’ on Box Clever & ‘Angels VIP’ bw ‘Good Loving’ on Smokin' Sessions.
Major support for Synkro music has come from names like dBridge, Instra:mental, ASC, Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Brendon Moeller, Mary Anne Hobbs, London Electricity, Kasra & many more.
This has displayed a maturation of his sound and style. With material of various tempos scheduled for release on respected labels labels such as Exit, Autonomic, Brownswood Recordings, Blackout Music, Critical, Warm Communications, Pushing Red, Mindset, Box Clever any many more, it has become increasingly obvious that Synkro is taking his deserved place amongst the luminaries of the electronic music world.
Synkro's musical career has already seen him DJing everywhere from Manchester to Poland, London to Belgium, and Cardiff to the USA. It is inevitable there will be many more stamps in Synkro's passport through the years as he takes his new sound to the world.

(2) Synkro is an industrial/breakcore/experimental artist.
In 1999, he moved to Canada from South Africa to pursue his dream in the arts. He first produced sampled industrial pieces under the name Pseudo which made it to dance floors such as Slimelight in London, UK. Moving into a more fractured tone he started Synkro and was later signed by Sublight Records to release his self titled debut album.
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