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Swanky Tunes

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    Of all the exciting new sounds coming out of the East these days - Swanky Tunes ranks among the most noteworthy.

    The group formed in 1998, experimenting with different electronic stylings in pursuit of their own sound. At first, there were techno sounds mixed with vintage synthesizers. Then the group moved into a distinctly big-beat influenced sound. These days, hints of the French-house scene, early Depeche Mode, electro-80's, and the contemporary electro-house movement are all finding their way into the mix. The result has been increased recognition from fans and critics in their native Russia.

    Swanky Tunes were named "Best Musical Group of 2006" at the Russian Dance Music Awards. Their fiery live performances gained them an invitation to open the Fort Dance Festival that same year. Swanky Tunes have performed on the same stage with many well known acts, including: Jay Jay Johanson, Westbam, Mogwai, Jean-Philippe Papin, Cobra Killer, Digitalism, Rex The Dog, Hyper and others. Swanky Tunes DJ sets have also emerged as a hot ticket item. In 2007, the group entered into the Top 100 DJ list in Russia and now performs regularly in clubs around the country.

    In Russia, Swanky Tunes material can be found on Uplifto Records - the boutique label of Sergey Pimenov of PPK fame. Internationally, their tracks and remixes have been issued on Rising Trax, Scream And Shout, KULT, Avangardia and received accolades from the likes of Kris Menace, Patrick Alavi, Delphine Queme, Ricky Ryan aka Can Costa, Blendbrank, Mason, and Joachim Garraud.

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