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There are several bands using the name Structures,

1. Struc/tures is a / band hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They released their first EP, All of the Above, April 6, 2010. Struc/tures maintains a strong work ethic combined with a positive outlook on the music industry pushing them into a leading role in the Canadian music scene. Struc/tures provides a highly energetic live performance, leaving a memorable impression on every audience. Recently, they signed to Sumerian Records, who released their full length album "Divided By", which was recorded and mixed by Will Putney at the Machine Shop Studio.

2. Structures are a post-rock band from Tamworth, UK. (we’re moving over to Structures (UK) so that people who’re wanting to listen to our particular brand of post-rock aren’t bombarded by the prog metal leanings of Structures (Canada) and vice versa…I’m sure both our fans and theirs will be happy about this. ”Together we are omnipresent, post-rock, white noise, stoner, electonic, glitch, sound, soundscapes, non-scapes, silence, visuals, avant garde, ourselves. Together we stand to make a statement. Together we push the boundries a little further. No compromise.”

Structures UK has changed its tags to Structures (UK) to avoid confusion,

Structures has published photos.