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Steven Drozd

The Flaming Lips indie instrumental psychedelic space rock

Steven Gregory Drozd (born June 11, 1969, Houston, Texas) is a multi-instrumentalist and lead guitarist for The Flaming Lips.

The son of musician Vernon Drozd, he grew up in Houston with three brothers and a sister. From the age of ten he played drums and later keys with his father's polka band.

He joined The Flaming Lips in 1991 initially as a drummer. As other members departed from the band, he became the main instrumentalist (playing lead guitar and keyboards) and providing background vocals, often in his trademark falsetto.

In The Flaming Lips' first feature length film "Christmas on Mars", he plays Major Syrtis, the main character.

He also heads two side-projects, The Paris Gun (where he plays guitar, keyboards, and provides vocals) and You In Me with Alan Novey. He has also appeared on a number of recordings of other artists including Elliott Smith, Sparklehorse, Jay Farrar and Steve Burns.

He recently composed the soundtrack to the documentary "The Heart Is A Drum Machine".

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