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Stat Quo

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Stat Quo (born Stanley Benton July 24, 1979) is an Atlanta-based artist He has been generating mixtape buzz since 2002. He is also a part of Grown Man Music, a record label he founded with LT Moe. Stat Quo attended University of Florida before pursuing a rap career.

His debut album Statlanta was expected to be released summer of 2007, but had been postponed a numerous amount of times and was eventually released July 13, 2010 on Sha Money XL's Dream Big Ventures label. Stat Quo is also featured on Young Buck's Straight Outta Cashville and on the track " Spend Some Time " on Eminem's Encore. Stat has appeared on tracks with artists such as Jermaine Dupri, The Alchemist and Chamillionaire.

Stat Quo recently shot a video for his club banger entitled " Like Dat" which features Ludacris and Young Buck. The video was shot in Atlanta's Zone 3 near the Thomasville Heights projects where Stat Quo once resided.

The Atlanta bred rapper was featured on this summer's Anger Management tour which also featured Eminem, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Obie Trice, D12, and others.

Stat Quo has said that his "number one goal is to bring a respect, and bring a voice to this whole southern movement around the world."

Stat as also featured on the Shady compilation "Eminem Presents The Re-Up" with solo cuts "By My Side", "Get Low" and "Tryin' Ta Win". He also drops verses on the same compilation on tracks like " Smack That (Remix), " We're Back" and "Cry Now (Shady Remix)".

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