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Stargate is the name of more than one artist.

1. Italian trance musician Lorenzo Senni

2. This is Stargate's debut single. Comprised of the legendary production/writing team behind some of the biggest names in r&b & pop, vocalist Anna & Bronx born rapper D-Flex. Tracks, 'Easier Said Than Done' (Statgate Radio Mix, Steve Antony Re-Vibe Mix, Wesley 2Play Dub) & the video. 2002.

3. Stargate is an Israeli Nitzchonot artist with released tracks in some very rare compilations.

4.Stargate is an Italian Power Metal born in 2000 from the ashes of Metal cover band Entropy. The result of the symbiosis between art and Fabio Flavio Caricasole Varalta, the first original compositions come to life and a self-produced EP (The Power Within, 2003) distributed by Helion Records.
The line-up completed by Micheletti Pit (drums), Dino Ruby (bass) and Chris Confente (keyboards) collects universal approval, riding the active power-prog scene of the early millennium such as concerts, competitions and festivals, sharing the stage with bands such high-level Vision Divine, Domine, Arthemis, Skull White and many others.
The project is ambitious but challenging, and in 2004 the first friction, side projects and the transfer of Flavio Caricasole in London, transform a pause for reflection in a permanent split.
Fabio is passionate Varalta Home Recording and between 2006 and 2008, the founders laid the groundwork for the rebirth, re-arranging old songs, new completing and starting pre-production of the disc.
In 2008 founded the "Stargate Studio" but follows the most difficult period, the search for suitable talents to realize the hard work, in a scene full of pseudo-professionals / shift / teachers, but poor musicians prone to engage in a real band.
In 2010 alone the proper alignment of the stars leads to a final line-up, with the meeting of Frederick Sidero (Bass) and Isaac From Pezze (Drums).
Cris Confente answers the call and in 2011 was released the album suffered so much:

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