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Stardust was a French band. Formed in Paris, France, it was a one-time musical collaboration consisting of producers Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond. The short-lived group released the popular club track titled "Music Sounds Better with You" in 1998.

"Music Sounds Better with You", which had its basis in a sample from "Fate" by Chaka Khan, was conceived in the Rex Club in Paris, where Bangalter, Braxe, and Diamond were performing as a live trio. Bangalter and Braxe created the instrumental, which Diamond instinctively sang the title words over. The next day, they laid down the basic instrumental track in the studio, and added the Chaka Khan sample. It was produced by Daft House Productions, of which Bangalter was co-owner. Subsequent to its release and chart success, it was remixed by, among others, Bob Sinclar and DJ Sneak.

The video for "Music Sounds Better with You" was directed by acclaimed director Michel Gondry. The three members of the band parted ways soon after the single's chart run. Diamond and Braxe pursued solo careers, and Bangalter, along with his usual partner Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, went on to release the second Daft Punk album, Discovery.

Stardust is also an alias for New Jersey garage house act Blaze.

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