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new wave 80s pop rock alternative

    There are three artists that have used this name
    1. A popular British new wave band
    2. An American rapper
    3. A Nigerian Dancehall artist

    1. Squeeze is a rock band which formed in London, England in 1974. The band was formed by songwriters Glenn Tilbrook (vocals, guitar) and Chris Difford (guitar, vocals) who have been the group's only constant members since the band's formation (with the exception of Difford's hiatus from the band in 1999). Aside from Difford and Tilbrook, the band currently consists of Stephen Large (keyboards), Lucy Shaw (bass) and Simon Hanson (drums).

    The group initially split in 1982, but reunited in 1985 until splitting once more in 1999. Difford and Tilbrook reunited the band in 2007 with bassist John Bentley (who had been a member of the band from 1980 to 1982), keyboardist Stephen Large and drummer Simon Hanson.

    The original lineup of the band also included pianist Jools Holland, who went on to become a popular solo artist and bandleader, and is now best known as the host of the critically-acclaimed and highly successful British music TV show Later with Jools Holland. Squeeze's lineup in the 1980s also featured the lead vocals of Paul Carrack, who was one of the lead singers of Ace - whose hit "How Long?" reached #3 in the U.S. charts and also a vocalist with Mike and the Mechanics as well as a solo artist.

    Since the release of their last album, 1998's Domino, no new Squeeze material has been produced. Glenn and Chris have each subsequently embarked on solo careers, with South East Side Story released in 2006 containing a number of reworked Squeeze tracks.

    In 2007, Glenn and Chris announced that they were reforming Squeeze for some concerts in the USA and Britain. These dates are to support a new Greatest Hits CD and DVD (Essential Squeeze- released 30/04/07) Glenn Tilbrook is also releasing his original demos on CD, the first of these (The Past Has Been Bottled) is also released on 30/04/07.

    2. Squeeze is an American rapper signed to Black Dutch Entertainment.

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