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Sportfreunde Stiller

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    Sportfreunde Stiller (English: Sportfriends Stiller) is a band from Germering near Munich, Bavaria, consisting of Florian "Flo" Weber (drums), Rüdiger "Rüde" Linhof (bass) and Peter S. Brugger (guitar).
    When they were officially founded in 1996, Andi Erhardt played the bass, but left the band one year later and Rüdiger Linhof became the new bassist.

    Sportfreunde Stiller started on the underground rock scene, with their songs only appearing on indie stations at first and their albums Macht doch, was ihr wolt - ich geh jetzt!(1996) and Thonträger(1998). Their first big single "Wellenreiten '54" (Surfing '54) was released in 1999. Containing this release their first major record "So wie einst Real Madrid" (As once Real Madrid) followed in 2000 and made the "Sporties" well known to Germany's upcoming indie rock scene. The second big relaese "Die gute Seite" (The Good Side) came in 2002 and established Sportfreunde's unique and good mooded style of rock music.

    Since having success with their third major album Burli (Bavarian: a small boy), Sportfreunde Stiller became one of Germany's leading rock bands. They topped the charts with their soccer-themed anthem '54 '74 '90 2006, a homage to their country's World Cup wins, though hastily retitled '54 '74 '90 2010 when Germany was defeated in the tournament in 2006.

    In August 2007, they released their 5th studio-album "La Bum", which topped the charts after three weeks.

    Sportfreunde Stiller has published photos.