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Space Monkeyz vs. Gorillaz

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Spacemonkeyz are a musical group consisting of Darren Galea, Richie Stevens and Gavin Dodds. They came together when Galea created a dub remix of the Gorillaz' "Tomorrow Comes Today" (Tomorrow Dub, which was released as a B-side on the "Tomorrow Comes Today" single), which Gorillaz founder Damon Albarn liked so much that he asked Galea to remix the whole album Gorillaz. The resulting album, Laika Come Home, was released in July 2002. The album's first and only single Lil' Dub Chefin' (M1 A1) reached #73 on the UK Singles Chart.

Like the Gorillaz, they are a virtual band (though not to the degree that Gorillaz are). According to the fictional Gorillaz biography "Rise of the Ogre", the group is an actual team of monkeys used in space tests who had stolen the tracks from an unattended Kong Studios and remixed them without Gorillaz' permission.

While Gorillaz was on hiatus in Beverly Hills, CA after touring for their debut album, they took a break from writing a script for their unfinished movie to appear at the Isle of MTV concert off the coast. After the show, Murdoc was asked to sign a record he didn't recognize, which turned out to be the Spacemonkeyz album.

It appears that 2D never locked Kong Studios up properly before leaving on tour, and the three chimps entered and hijacked the master tapes in an attempt to contact Laika herself, who is supposedly their mother/leader. After discovering the record, Gorillaz shot one or two photos of the monkeys and then they disappeared. Murdoc is still angry at them for doing the album, despite the extra income he gets from it. He maintains that Dr. Wurzel, his archenemy, is behind the incident and complains about getting monkey feces out of the carpets at Kong.

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