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Son Volt

Alt-country americana rock country alt country

    Son Volt is an alternative country group which formed in 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri. The band currently consists of Jay Farrar (vocals, guitar), Chris Masterson (guitar), Andrew Duplantis (bass, vocals), Mark Spencer (keyboards) and Dave Bryson (drums). Farrar is the only original member remaining in the band.

    Son Volt formed after the breakup of the band Uncle Tupelo, owing to the simmering creative differences between songwriters Farrar and Jeff Tweedy. The group's members lived in Minneapolis, St Louis, and New Orleans at the time. Son Volt is often considered the closest continuance of Uncle Tupelo's / sound and musical legacy. Jeff Tweedy would steer his post-Uncle Tupelo group Wilco towards more adventurous sonic territory - and greater critical and commercial success - in a move that has sharply divided fans.

    Farrar has released albums under his own name and the Son Volt nameplate, though there is little continuity in supporting band members. After a strong initial showing with 1995's Trace, the original Son Volt lineup released two more records before going on permanent hiatus in 1999. After the original members were unable to reach an agreement on the terms of a reunion, Farrar put together a new version of Son Volt in 2004. The revived Son Volt has regained its creative footing with 2005's confident Okemah and the Melody of Riot. Son Volt went on to release "The Search" in the Spring of 2007.

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