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Sokół feat. Pono

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Sokół (WWO, ZIP Sklad) and Pono (Zipera, ZIP Sklad) began rapping in the mid 90s as TPWC on DJ Volt's albums and various compilations. After 11 years they finally reunited to record an album. They started in a small, amateur studio Indigo in the back of a music store, supported by Karol and Bogusz Jr. They recorded for themselves, but the tracks quickly spread around Warsaw despite the lack of internet. People simply recorded one tape from another tape. It didn't take long until they were spotted and were offered to perform as a support at the RUN DMC concert. This was succeeded by forming the legendary Warsaw crew, ZIP Sklad, under which name they released the 1999 album, „Chleb powszedni”, as well as smaller ZIP projects. Pono Fu and Koras released two albums („O.N.F.R” i „Druga strona medalu”) under Zipera, taking over the charts with tracks like „Wir wydarzen”, „Bez cisnien” and „Do roboty” with Muniek Staszczyk from T.Love. Meanwhile, Sokól, Jedker and DJ Deszczu Strugi formed their famous project, WWO (W witrynach odbicia / W Wyjatkowych Okolicznosciach) releasing 4 albums („Masz i pomysl”, „We wlasnej osobie”, „Witam was w rzeczywistosci” and „Zycie na kredycie”). Pono released two phenomenal solo albums („Hold” and „Tak to widze”), whereas Sokól recorded with numerous artists, such as Michal Urbaniak, the Cuban group Los Sicarios, Kapela Czerniakowska and Ania Szarmach, Janek Mlynarski and Fox from 15 Minut Projekt.

In 2006 Sokól began recording something that was to be a solo album. However, after getting together with Pono at different meetings and parties the artists decided to release an album together with Pono rapping on Sokól's tracks. The number of tracks was so large that it was soon decided that 2 albums instead of one had to be released The first album is more modern and differs from what other rappers have done so far. It will hit stores in 2007. The second album will be released in mid 2008 and will be more classic and mellow.

Sokól and Pono named their album „Teraz pieniadz w cenie”, mocking the consumptive society first and foremost, but also referring to the abbreviation TPWC. The album was produced by, i.e.: Brall from Canada, the excellent producer Shuko, from Germany (who had previously worked with WWO, Bubba Sparxxx, Heltah Skeltah, Ol Kainry, Azad and Seryoga), as well as the fantastic PH7, Craig Dice and DJ Menez from BBS. Additionally, the album was partially produced by the Serbian newcomer, J Cook from Belgrade, the well-known Ukrainian DJ and producer, Max Chorny, Warsaw's talented producer Robson, Czarny Hi Fi (known for previously working with Prosto), Marko from the Czech Republic and Robert M, the popular DJ from Cracow, who normally does electro and house based on Polish hits from the 80s.

The biggest surprise on the album is the track „W aucie” produced by Robert M and done in the style of and with the participation of Franek Kimono. This is a spectacular return of a well-respected and admired Polish figure. Sokól and Pono claim that it was an honor for them to have had Franek Kimono featured on their album. The track will be a surprise not only to hip hop fans, but also the fans of Franek Kimono. Misiek Koterski is yet another interesting guest. He appears in the track „Janek Pozycz”, where he is the voice of annoying Janek, who constantly repeats the line „pozycz mnie dwóch stów”. The third and last collaboration on the track is a 9 minute-long banger „Nie lekcewaz nas” recorded with rappers from almost all the Slavic countries: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia. The only one missing is a Montenegro representative. The rest of the tracks on Sokól and Pono's album are recorded with the help of the singer, Martina.

The album Sokól feat. Pono “Teraz pieniadz w cenie” is entirely professional. It was recorded in the Warsaw studios Zyzne Pole and Iziphonics as well as Big Dropz Recordingz in New York. The irreplacable DJ Deszczu Strugi from WWO was the executive producer of all the studio performances. The material on the album was later professionally mixed by the amazing Rafal Smolen on analogue mixing console AMS-Neve VRL in the Warsaw Sound and More Studio. The mastering, however, was done by Jacek Gawlowski in his studio JG Master Lab. This shows that Sokól and Pono have created by far the most meticulously prepared hip hop album in Poland. What is more, the album cover was done by the crew Full Metal Jacket and the photos were taken by one of the leading Polish photographers, Piotr Sikora. Therefore, you shouldn't be amazed by the fact that stores around Poland already (long time before official premiere) ordered 10 thousand copies of the album. In mid December the album will be available in Empik and other large stores. However, you can always get hold of it earlier at

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