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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) SOiL is a four-piece band from Chicago, formed in 1997 by ex-members of renowned death metal acts Broken Hope and Oppressor. After three efforts (the EP SOiL, the EP El Chupacabra and the first album Throttle Junkies), they gained international success with their album Scars. Their success was helped by singles such as Halo and Unreal, which bear their distinctive harsh but emotional and melodic sound.

Current members
- Ryan McCombs – Vocals (1997–2004, 2011-present)
- Adam Zadel – Guitar (1997–present)
- Tim King – Bass (1997–present)
- Jon Wysocki - Drums (2011-present)

Former members
- Tom Schofield – Drums (1997–2010)
- A. J. Cavalier - Vocals, Guitar (2005–2010)
- Shaun Glass – guitar (1997–2007)

Touring members
- Jordan Lee - Vocals (2010–2011)
- Mike Tignino - Drums (2010–2011)

- SOiL (EP) (1997)
- El Chupacabra (EP) (1998)
- Throttle Junkies (1999)
- Scars (2001)
- Redefine (2004)
- True Self (2006)
- Throttle Junkies (2007)
- Picture Perfect (2009)
- Re-LIVE-ing The Scars (2012)
- Whole (2013)

In 2002, SOiL played at Ozzfest and on the Ozzfest 2002 CD you can find the track 'Halo' played live with Zakk Wyld of Black Lable Society.

2) S.O.I.L (Czech band) was founded in spring of 2003. The original formation consisted of the singer Zuzana Kropáčová, keyboard player Jakub Zitko, drummer Roman Vícha and bass guitar player Aleš Slavík. In spring 2004, a guitar player Jiří Šimek joined the band and this is the final arrangement up to the present day.

The band performed not just in Czech clubs but also on several big festivals e. g. Creamfields 2003, Open Air Field 2004, Mezi Ploty, Summer of Love 2003, Semtex Culture 2004 etc.

Current members
- Zuzana Kropáčová - vocals
- Kuba Zitko - keyboard
- Aleš Slavík - bass
- Jirka Šimek - guitars
- Roman Vícha - drums

- In Fields
- Looking Back (2008)

3) SOIL - Jensen Henrik & Lankin.

4) Soil - Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian, Domingo Laranio, Dave Hakopyan, and later, Shavo Odadjian.

Serj Tankian founded his first rockband "Soil" in 1993. Two years later, in 1995, after one supposed jam session recording and one live show, Dave and Domingo left. Shavo (who went on to become the bass player) brought in drummer Andy Khachaturian. The four of them then named themselves System of a Down.

5) Soil is a gardencore band from Olympia, WA.

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