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Chris Smith Jr (born October 2, 1991), better known by his stage name, Smino, is an American rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. Chris Smith Jr. He's from a musical family: his father plays keys, his mother sings, and his grandfather was a famous blues bassist. When he was seven, his father gave him a set of drums, which he played in his church’s band, and also began rapping. In St. Louis, Chris Smith was in a rap duo with his friend Bari Allen called "Young Dumb and Outta Control" (YROC), and released a self-titled mixtape. They started to gain popularity locally but had a hard time getting their music out into the world. Smino then released his first solo mixtape, SMEEZY DOT COMi], and moved back to Chicago. At Columbia College Chicago, he met engineer Chris "Classik" Inumerable, who became his closest friend and is now his managerHe later moved to Chicago, Illinois for college under the wing of his older cousin, singer Drea Smith. In 2015, he released two EPs: S!Ck S!Ck S!Ck and Blkjuptr.

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