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Slo Burn

Stoner Rock desert rock stoner stoner metal John Garcia

Slo Burn was a short-lived band active during 1996 and 1997. The band was formed by John Garcia of the influential stoner rock band Kyuss, which had split up months previously. Garcia was joined by Chris Hale on electric guitar, Damon Garrison on bass guitar and Brady Houghton on drums.

In 1996 the band distributed a five song demotape, and in April 1997 released an EP entitled Amusing the Amazing through the record label Malicious Vinyl. According to interviews, Garcia claimed that the band also intended to record a full-length album. Slo Burn toured with Ozzfest in 1997 but decided to split up in September, towards the end of the tour. John Garcia subsequently joined the equally short-lived band Unida, before becoming vocalist with Hermano, who have since recorded three studio albums.

Slo Burn had a sound not dissimilar to that of latter-day Kyuss, which can be attributed to Garcia's singing style and the production work of Chris Goss. However, the music was more direct and less layered or complex. Allmusic describes their style as "simple structures formed out of monolithic rhythm guitars" with "guitar solos that come and go and vibrate weirdly on the way.

Slo Burn has published photos.