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Slide Fifty

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If you were watching Slide-Fifty in a movie form, this would be the place where the movie gets interesting. Throughout 3 years three best friends have given their trademark over-energetic and most positive live-shows, released a full album and at the same time grown a fan base no other un-signed Estonian act has. At this very moment this former three-piece and now a four-piece outfit sits on their new album material just waiting to be released and just waiting for their time.

Until now Slide-Fifty has shared stages with almost every band in Estonia, whether punk or pop-rock, they have numerous mini-tours with foreign acts, like Forty Winks (IT) and Disco Ensemble (FIN). They have earned their place in the Baltics music-industry as the leading pop-punk act.

Slide-Fifty started out as a high-school project for killing time and having fun, but momentarily became the leading force of the lives of Sander (vocals, bass), Martin (guitar, vocals) and Kalle (drums). In spring of 2005 their long time friend and a former school mate Arno (keyboards) joined the band, because the music started to take its natural form - aggressive rock mixed with surreal The-Cure-like keyboards and pop-punk melodies that will never leave your head.

In the summer of 2004 they recorded their demo album called The Way Ahead for promotional purposes, but it accidentally started to sell and sold 2,000 copies and still sells. This LP was a great thing for us. We produced it ourselves with nobody helping us. Therefore nobody expected anything from us, said Sander, the bands vocalist and bass-player. Now we are looking forward for our next release, because the material is already building up and the ideas are flowing like never before.

Slide-Fifty hasn't changed with trends, but with age and time. Through experimentation and experience the band has found the music and the emotions it has to represent. Songs tell you a story and at the same time makes you think with them and by yourself. Love, dreams, fears and hopes just to name a few, like scratching the surface of music and poetry mixed together to form 4 minutes of sound.

The band just released their 2nd album called Reach out! (in Estonian)

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