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Sleeping Giant

hardcore metalcore christian Christian Metalcore deathcore

    Sleeping Giant represent a great and terrible day when all living things will return to dust; and their sound is as formidable as one might suspect the apocalypse should be. Sleeping Giant charged onto the Redlands, CA scene in 2006 with their bold and powerful live show, where in addition to being entranced by ominous guitars, crowds are met with burning passion from articulate front man Thom Green. The sincerity behind the words that pour out from Greens mouth is deeply rooted in the bands unwavering love for The Lord.
    Sleeping Giant are resolute in their goal to reach as many people as possible with their message of repentance; but their music is anything but single-minded. The diversity of sound on their debut Dread Champions of the Last Days is striking, and listeners will find the bands ability to morph seamlessly from one track to the next to be unforgettable.

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