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Sky Harbor

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Sky Harbor refers to four different bands:

1) A straight up, in your face rock band out of Phoenix, similar to Foo Fighters. The band did many national tours and plays about 150-200 shows a year. They were on Inpop records and distributed by EMI, before they broke up.

2) A Charleston, SC based band led by Steven Fiore (of Steven Fiore and the Good People) along with Mick Matricciano, Scott Baumil, and Josh Martin. The band released one EP titled "Stranger Things Have Happened" before the band went on hiatus following Fiore's move to Boston in the Fall of 2007.

3)Pop Punk from Jersey.

4) Skyharbor is a one-man djent band from India. The man behind the project is Keshav Dhar. The project was formerly known as Hydrodjent.

Sky Harbor has published photos.