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    Skazi is an Israeli band,with 2 members asher swissa and assaf bivas(b-bass) producing a unique style of full-on music since 1998.

    Their first trance album Animal, released in September 2000 was revolutionary in its sound & direction. Coming from a and scene, Skazi brought a new and innovative twist to , combining with live riffs & storming sounds.

    In March 2002 Skazi released their second album, Storm, followed by Total Anarchy in the summer of 2006.

    Skazi also released three compilation albums between 2001-2004 to huge success. Their tracks have been featured on over 40 albums or compilations distributed worldwide.

    Skazi has covered every corner of the globe on tour, performing mainly at big raves in front of tens of thousands of people in: Israel, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Australia, Russia, India, Spain, UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary and many other countries. Some of the events and festivals that they have performed at were Fuji Rock festival in Japan, The Gathering in Japan, XXXperience in Brazil and many more.

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