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Gabber hardcore industrial hardcore breakcore hardcore techno

Full: Shyft Trakia-Vorga VahtiDahl. Born in Stillwater, Minnesota, United States. Currently resides in Mahtomedi, Minnesota.

This is Shyft's /// project. Distorted heavy bass kicks, thick synths, and powerful melodies are the aim here- unless it's chopped up progressive percussion.

Shyft started playing with music composition at age twelve and production at age fourteen in the year 2003. Stubbornness and impatience cause this artist to learn music programming almost entirely first hand and through trial and error. Experimentation is responsible for the final mix of many tracks. Influences come from many places, and not just the gabber or brain dance scene. It ranges from techno, trance and house genre classes to organic genre classes such as folk and metal.

Shyft's musical philosophy focuses on a continuous struggle to make tracks sound better, clearer, and more crisp, as well as breaking down boundaries of genre in terms of both composition and production.

Shyft also produces metal under the alias Red Ankh.

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