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Shaggy is the name of, at least, two artists.
1, Shaggy (born October 22, 1968, in Kingston, Jamaica as Orville Richard Burrell), is a Jamaican reggae artist who takes his nickname from his shaggy hair. He is especially notable for his distinctive sub-baritone voice.

His family immigrated to the United States and they settled in the neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn, located in New York City, New York, USA.

In 1988, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served during Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War.

On his return from Iraq, he decided to pursue his music career and his first hit in 1993: "Oh Carolina", was a dancehall re-make of a ska hit by the Folkes Brothers. The same year, Shaggy appeared on Kenny Dope's hip hop album "The Unreleased Project". He worked together with producers such as Sting Intl., Don One (who cut his first track), Lloyd 'Spiderman' Campbell and Robert Livingston. He had further big hits, including "Boombastic" in 1995.

He then had a major comeback in 2001, featuring worldwide number-one hit singles "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel," the latter of which was built around Merrilee Rush's 1968 hit "Angel of the Morning" (which was remade in 1981 by Juice Newton). The album Hot Shot, from which those cuts came, would hit number one on the Billboard 200.

However, his 2002 release Lucky Day, and the 2005 album Clothes Drop failed to match Hot Shot's success.

Shaggy performed the theme for Showtime (film), a 2002 movie.

2, Shaggy, a swedish rock/blues rock band from the 1970's. Released one album, "Lessons for beginners"

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