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hardcore death metal deathcore jewcore

All of this started when one classical trumpist, a jazz saxophone player and 3 potheads decided to pay tribute to their most favourite band - At the Gates, somewhere in early 2007, under the name of Seek Refuge.

After a couple of shows the group decided to write some original material, combining oldschool metal with new elements varaying from death, through thrash up to hardcore, keeping one characteristic alive - breaking people's necks, but still making quality musical composings.

Over a period of a year, the 5-man project stumbled upon many band-names, problems and through countless non-productive periods of time, untill a very needed decision finally materialized: turning this project into a serious band, and to channel all possible talent and effort towards proffesional playing, song-writing and performing…
Thus Shabira came to life.

Shabira, at their current state, started performing at the end of 2008 with their debut show at an open air local festival named Be'resheet, with great success.
Lately, the band decided to record Scorn as a demo song, utilizing their advantages at music producing (Asaf (Borgore) & Tom (Tomba) are a dubstep producing duo), doing it all by themselves - from recording to producing.
Aiding the band defining their sound (recordings & shows) is Eitan Haik, a close friend and - ofcourse - the glorified soundman.

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1) Scorn