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Serve Chilled

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There are at least four artistes/acts with the name 'Serve Chilled'.

1. Serve Chilled were a handsome foursome from Glasgow that hit their peak in the early nineties. Sadly the members of this rock/blues combo went their separate ways in order to pursue 'real' jobs.
A much-requested reunion in June 2006 was marred somewhat by the absence of bass player Billy 'I've got more important things to do than play with you bunch of losers' Christie. However, the old magic was still in evidence as the boys ripped through many of their original favourites and covers that they had made their own.

Rob Graham - vocals, guitar
Hugh-Charles Soverall - guitar, vocals
Billy Christie - bass
Mark Harris - drums

2. Serve Chilled is also a 7-headed reggae formation from Upper Austria / Mühlviertel. Always in search of fat bass lines and catchy hooklines, these musicians play their music with a lot of heart, brain and above all soul. Besides, the fun in the thing always stands in the foreground. The songs distinguish themselves above all by their very danceable beats and "cosong qualities".

Mango - Vocals
Max - Vocals
Matthias - Guitar/Backing vocals
Christoph - Bass
David - Percussion/Samples
Michi - Drums
Thomas - Keys/Synth.

3. A deep house and ambient producer whose only track 'Eve's Theme' was featured in the 1993 'Warp Records' compilation 'DiY - Strictly 4 Groovers'.

4. A collaboration between German trance producers/DJs Roger P. Shah (DJ Shah) and Ralph Fritsch. Their only production so far (as of March 2008) is a track called 'Coruba' which, however, is still unreleased.

5. A 1990's drum n bass production trio consisting of Bart Icus, Chris Maxey, Marc Smith. The majority of their output was released on the Hardleaders label which was a subsidiary of Kickin' records.

Serve Chilled has published photos.