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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Sela is a Dutch gospel band, formed in 2005 as an HGJB project aiming to stimulate praise and worship in traditional churches. The name Sela comes from the word 'Selah' as mentioned in 39 psalms.

2005 - U
2006 - Dicht bij Hem
2007 - Votum
2007 - Votum live
2008 - Live in Utrecht
2009 - Gloria
2010 - Koninkrijk
2012 - Via Dolorosa
2012 - Live in Gouda
2013 - Ik zal er zijn
Current members:
Frans Christiaan Korpershoek - vocals
Kinga Bán - vocals
Anneke van Dijk-Quist - violin, accordion
Adrian Roest - keys
Tobias Plansoen - guitar
James MacMillan - bass, double bass
Peter Dijkstra - drums, percussion

Official website

2) sela was formed in early 2004 in Rotterdam, NLand started off experimenting with different sounds to eventually find it’s way in a mixture of grunge, metal and indie. To get a rough idea, their songs have been influenced by bands like At The Drive-in, Far, Sevendust, Green Lizard and Nirvana. The name sela has been extracted from the hebrew word 'selah' - the point of silence before the (musical) climax or explosion. It is commonly used in Christian songstructure.

Dimitri and Daniël met in 2003 with the desire to start a band together. After alongwayout ( Dimitri's band ) broke up, they decided to do some sessions. Bart, a former bandmate of Dimitri’s, was invited as well and he brought along Daniel Lakens to play bass. Soon Jeremy was added to the foursome to do the vocals, then after a couple of sessions, all band members decided to look out for new bassplayer. A former bandmate of Jeremy’s, Javier, took the job for two shows, but after that he decided to continue with some of his own projects.

Robert, a friend of Bart’s joined in for a session, and stayed in the position of bass player.
After a couple of succesfull shows, the band moved on without Jeremy and found a new vocalist in Erik.

In 2007 the band recorded a 3 song EP named A day in the flames with Nick Radich of Digitube recording studio.

sela is :
Daniël Apituley : guitar
Dimitri Hubregtse : Drums
Bart Verkuil : Guitar
Robert-Jan Alblas : Bass
Erik Blaauw : Vocals

Previous notable bandmembers:
Jeremy Kock : Vocals

sela home page

sela split up in 2007, but is now busy reforming in 2008.

3) Sela was a Finnish duo, playing music. Their music consists of elements from various genres, and it could be described as -influenced . Sela released one full-lenght album, Songs for the Blind.

Aretwo - Producing and instruments
Anitta Sarén - Vocals

4.) Sela is an Albanian singer

5) Sela is a venezuelan Female Singer

Sela has published photos.