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    Seeed, formed in 1998 in Berlin, Germany, plays , , and . The group consists of 11 people:

    Alfi Trowers (percussions)
    Based (drums)
    Moritz Delgado (sax)
    Enuff aka Peter Fox aka Pierre Baigorry (vocals)
    Ear aka Boundzound aka Demba Nabé (vocals)
    Eased aka Dellé aka Frank A. Dellé (vocals)
    DJ Luke (DJ)
    Jerome "Tchamp" Bugnon (trombone)
    "Dubmaster" Reibold (keyboard)
    "Rudeboy" Rudy (guitar)
    Tobsen Cordes (bass)

    Seeed is famous for their unusual use of horn. They have worked with Cee-Lo Green, Anthony B (Waterpumpee), Tanya Stephens, Elephant Man (Shake baby shake), General Degree as well as other Jamaican artists and producers.

    Seeed's lyrics are German, English and Patois. Their biggest hits in the German-speaking region were Dickes B, Aufstehn, Ding, Stand Up, Waterpumpee and Music Monks.

    Their first smash hit was "Dickes B": a declaration of love to Berlin. They won two ECHO Awards. With the international versions of "Music Monks" and "Next!", they broke through the borders to the surrounding countries, especially France.
    Most of the German songs however, are completely translated into English on some of the international versions of the Albums "Next!" and "Music Monks".

    Seeed has published photos.