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Secret Garden

new age celtic instrumental ambient folk

Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing , also understood by some as music.

It features the Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Secret Garden has sold over 3 million albums and won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 1995, with the composition Nocturne. It was the first and only time to date that a predominantly instrumental piece has won the Eurovision Song Contest, although a few Norwegian language lyrics were included to ensure that the entry adhered to the contest's rules. In addition Rolf Løvland also co-wrote the song La det swinge (Let it swing) that secured Norway its first Eurovision Song Contest victory in 1985.

Their success at Eurovision spearheaded the success of their first album Songs from a Secret Garden. It sold a million copies around the world going platinum in Norway and Korea, gold in Ireland, Hong Kong and New Zealand and spending two years in the Billboard New Age charts in 1996 and 1997. Barbara Streisand adapted Heartstrings from this album as the song I've Dreamed Of You on her A Love Like Ours album. She also used Heartstrings in her wedding to James Brolin.

The album White Stones followed in 1997 also making the top ten on Billboard New Age charts. Dawn of a New Century in 1999, Dreamcatcher in 2001 and Once In a Red Moon also enjoyed success around the world including reaching top ten on the Billboard.

Their most famous song You Raise Me Up, performed by Brian Kennedy has been recorded by more than a hundred other artists including Josh Groban and Westlife.

Secret Garden has released a Dreamcatcher: Best Of for its tour through Australia and New Zealand in 2004. It reached the top of the Australian New Age charts and the ARIA top 50 album charts.

Rolf Løvland won the price of years line-price in Spellemann 2007. In that same year, the album Inside I'm Singing was released.

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Secret Garden's albums (in chronological order):

Songs from a Secret Garden (1996)
White stones (1997)
Dawn of a New Century (1999)
Dreamcatcher (2001)
Once in a Red Moon (2002)
Dreamcatcher: Best Of (2004, Australia)
Earthsongs (2005)
Inside I'm Singing (2007)

(2) The winners of the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, Norwegian neo-classical duo Secret Garden formed in 1994 around Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian pianist Rolf Løvland, the co-writer of Norway's 1985 Eurovision victor "La Det Swingge." Secret Garden's own Eurovision victory was notable as the first (and, so far, only) time a predominantly instrumental song has won the competition – the contributions of guest vocalist Gunnhild Tvinnereim were clearly written to ensure the piece met with Eurovision's rules. Songs from a Secret Garden, the duo's debut album, was released later in 1995 and became a major hit around the world, as well as supplying Barbra Streisand with the hit "I've Dreamed of You," adapted from Secret Garden's "Heartstrings." Secret Garden also originated Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up." Subsequent Secret Garden albums include White Stones (1997),Fairytales (1998), Dawn of a New Century (1999), Dreamcatcher (2001), Once in a Red Moon (2002), and Earthsongs (2005). A best-of, also titled Dreamcatcher, appeared in 2004. ~ Dave Thompson, Rovi

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