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1) SebastiAn (born Sebastian Akchoté) is a French electro house artist whose reputation started with his first releases on Ed Banger Records in 2005 entitled 'Smoking Kills' & 'H.A.L.'. A string of remixes followed including Annie, Daft Punk, Cut Copy, Revl9n & label-mate Uffie. Summer 2006 saw the release of the Ross Ross Ross EP, as well as a remix for Kelis. His remix of Kavinsky's Testarossa Autodrive, titled Testarossa (SebastiAn Remix), is featured in the video game GTA IV. The track 'Momy' from the Motor EP was featured on video game Midnight Club: Los Angeles. His song Walkman has also appeared in bumps for the Cartoon Network block 'You Are Here'. He was born Sebastian Akchoté, in Boulogne, France. He is of Bosnian Serb heritage. He started producing music with machines at the age of 15, with two members of the Rap band Cercle Vicieux.

2) Sebastian is a brazilian musician, recording on Lua Music.Melada de Nego

3) Sebastian Karlsson recorded as simply Sebastian eg Indifferent (Radio Edit), until his last album. All albums released on RCA as Sebastian, are listed here, not on Sebastian Karlsson site.

4) Sebastian (Knud Grabow Christensen) is a Danish singer, guitarist and composer. Having worked the folk genre in the early 70s, he became one of the most prominent pop/rock musicians in Denmark during the 70´s and 80´s, penning several classics like Vintervise. Later he shied away from the rock scene and rock releases, using his gifts on numerous films, tv scores and plays. He won a lifetime achievement award (IFPI´s Ærespris) at the Danish Music Awards of 2004. He returned in 2011 with the album "Øjeblikkets Mester". Father to Sara Grabow.

5) Garland Mosley is an American rapper commonly known by his stage name Sebastian. The younger brother of hip-hop producer Timbaland, Garland Mosley has been a part of a small pool of ghostwriters that Timbaland has relied on for his solo recordings since the early 2000s. The first lyrics he wrote for Timbaland were for the song "We at It Again" for the soundtrack Romeo Must Die (2000), on which the rhyme-scripter also made a guest appearance. Throughout the next few years, he continued to make guest appearances on various Timbaland-produced songs, particularly for the Timbaland & Magoo combo. When Timbaland founded Mosley Music Group in 2006 after the demise of his Beat Club imprint, Sebastian signed to the label and found himself in the thick of Timbaland's new wave of popular hits.
Tomorrow In The Bottle (Featuring Chad Kroeger & Sebastian)

6) Sebastian Lightfoot is the name of a Dutch New Age artist. He has released the albums : Fata Morgana and Fata Morgana II. Sebastian albums are published on the Sam Sam Music label. Sunrise

7) Sebastian is band from Letohrad, Czech republic. Sebastian is formed in early 90's as hardcore band, they released their first album Snÿ o Marii (Dreams about Mary) in 1991; album contains hardcore songs with many experimental elements. Their second album Koně (Horses) released in 1993 and moves from hardcore to experimental rock. After thirteen years of hibernation, Sebastian restores activity in 2009.

8) Sebastian is a Slovenian pop artist. (Eurovision Slovenia - Sebastian - Naj svet zakriči 2007)

9) Austrian zitherist Sebastian Fichtl. Released the album Sebastians Zither. Theme From 'The Third Man'

10) Sebastian "El Monstruo Cordobes" : Daniel Humberto Reyna, conocido como Sebastián (n. en la ciudad de Córdoba, Argentina, el 14 de agosto de 1953) es un compositor y cantante argentino, principalmente de cuarteto. Lo apodan "El monstruo".

11) Sebastian Teufel (Yellow Jumps Twice)- Solo release

12) Sebastian released the single Luv Da Nite? and before that The album Raw Beginning? I Want You, in the genre urban /rnb funk

13) A young rapper from Berlin . single: Seine Kraft

14) Sebastian Bäcksbacka records as Sebastian's Filthy Goo: Finnish Rock Musician (also behind MoonfreaK). Released Model Citizen and Five Years Of Love And Frustration . see

15) German act with Hätt ich drei wünsche frei

16) Sebastian Navrátil - singer, guitarist and songwriter from Czech Republic.
Debut Album - Hvezdy (2017)
17. In 1970 released the album Rays of the Sun. Rereleased as Ian Sebastian

Loose Ends: On "Indonesian Love Songs" ? Same as 6)? - The 2005 album (sebastian).

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