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Sean Garrett

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Garrett Hamler, better known by his stage name Sean Garrett is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer.

Garrett is responsible for a series of chart-topping compositions, most notably Usher's "Yeah!", Ciara's breakout track "Goodies" Teairra Mari's debut single "Make Her Feel Good" Mario's single "Break Up" and Chris Brown's debut single "Run It!". He is in a production duo with Swizz Beatz, and together they produced several Beyoncé Knowles singles: "Ring the Alarm", "Get Me Bodied", "Upgrade U" and "Check on It". He also writes often over productions by Polow da Don. Garrett is currently working on a new album by Whitney Houston.

Garrett also embarked on a career as a performer,. His debut album, Turbo 919, was released June 24, 2008 on his Bet I Penned It Music imprint, through Interscope Records. (Garrett's catch-phrase, which is featured in multiple songs he has produced, is "Smash on the radio, bet I penned it".)

Ludacris appeared on Garrett's debut single, "Grippin'". In return, Garrett was featured on Ludacris's "What Them Girls Like", alongside Chris Brown. He also wrote and produced a song called "I Did It for Love" for Korean popstar BoA for her first eponymous English album. Garret is featured and appears in the music video.

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