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Scratch is:

1) Scratch (born Kyle Jones) is an American rapper. He is a hip hop MC who specializes in beatboxing or vocal percussion. He is probably best known as a member of Grammy Award-winning band The Roots.

2) A rockband from Gothenburg

3) A progressive/grunge band formed in the West-Midlands. Fronted by lead singer/rythm guitar Tom Clements, backed by Austin Tomlinson on lead guitar, Aaron Tomlinson on Bass and Gareth Walley on Drums.

An EP is expected to be released early in 2007 under the 'Longbridge' record label soley for Scratch and Tom Clements' Farthers solo work (Kevin Clements).

4) A punk rock band from Camillus, New York.

5) A black metal band from Indonesia.

6) A heavy metal band from Sweden.

7) A rock band from Finland.

8) An alternative/emo/rock band from Estonia.

9) A 3-piece heavy metal band from Mozambique.
Guitar & vocal : Rock Manuel
Bass: Albano
Drums : Holmes

Download their music:

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