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Score was born 84 in Muelheim/Ruhr Germany, where he also was raised. After 10 years he moved to the border of Netherlands (German side), where he lives today. By the age of 16 Score began to write lyrics and produce some wack beats, because of being influenced by some friends. His friend Schusetta, who already made him do the HipHop Thing and who gave him ideals to work with was a member of a group, Score was a big fanatic of since one year.

Before he became an important part of TBS-Mob, he was a producer and mcee for a group of mcees in his neighbourhood. But this band consisted of too many persons, which had too different points of view and statements of good output. So Score left. A year later, after constantly improving his skills he joined the TBS-Mob.

Score could completely identify with its image and his style perfectly fitted in. He also prooved his skills by performing live on stage since 2003. He released his first solo-tape Filmplakat in 2004, after joining as feature-guest or producer on other releases in the years 2002 till 04. His tape now had a conception. It mainly was storytelling with movie-contents.

In 2004 he also wan a rap-contest with the help of his partner Kerosin. Together they are a subgroup of TBS today, which is called Grenzerfahrung. Kerosin and Score worked on their album in 2004/05 and at the same time Score continued his solo-career by recording and producing his second LP Refugium. Both CDs are now available at , and

— Discography —

2003> 'StraolinStyle 2003 EP'
2004> 'Score - Filmplakat'
2006> 'Kerosin & Score - Grenzerfahrung'
2006> 'Score - Refugium'
2006> 'Score - HISCORE EP'

Score has published photos.