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thrash metal noise grindcore noise-core black metal

There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Schizophrenia is another DSBM project of Mort from New Zealand. The industrious Mort also cites association with Exiled From Light, Beyond Light, Funereal, Balthazar, Serpenthrone, Nystagmus, Einsamkeit, When Mine Eyes Blacken and Winds Of Sorrow.

2) Schizophrenia was the first alias of Tom Middleton, best known as 1/2 of the ground-breaking ambient house duo Global Communication. His only releases as Schizophrenia were the limited edition 12" "My Splendid Idea" on Mighty Force Records, and his collaboration with Aphex Twin "Entrance To Exit" on the "Analogue Bubblebath 1" EP.

3) Schizophrenia was a one off collaboration between Thomas Fehlmann and Moritz Von Oswald, releasing the track "Schizophrenia" on multiple ambient compilations throughout the '90s.

4) Schizophrenia (SWE) is a swedish thrash metal act. A couple of demos have yet been released, and a full-length debut album is in the works. Read more at

Songs recorded: "Gently wrapped (in madness)", "Mankind", "Hitman", "Special Agent", "Escape of Alcatraz", "War Vanity", "Welcome to Vietnam", "Calling in the Coroner (Vio-Lence cover)"

5) Schizophrenia, a garage-punk rock band from Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, created in 1998. Still waiting for a wider acclaim, the band is very popular in the underground rock circles of Central Serbia. Their debut album "Rip Off Deal" was released in 2006. for "Basement Blues Recors".

Schizophrenia has published photos.