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    Schiller is one of Germany's leading electronic artists. The multi-Gold and Platinum-awarded project has been created by electronic musician, producer and composer Christopher von Deylen in the tradition of teutonic sound-pioneers.

    Over the last years the Echo-Award winner and Grammy-Nominee performed more than 100 sold-out concerts - highly acclaimed by the audience and media.

    Schiller's albums feature many well-known German and international guest vocalists and musicians such as Colbie Caillat, Lang Lang, Sarah Brightman, Moya Brennan, Kim Sanders, Peter Heppner, Mike Oldfield, Xavier Naidoo, Mila Mar and Tarja Turunen (formerly of Nightwish).

    On his live tours, Christopher von Deylen enhances his music with breathtaking visual performances. In August 2006, Schiller appeared as a special guest at the final concert of Depeche Mode's 'Playing the Angel Tour' in Athens.

    Schiller is signed to OK! Good Records in the US.

    Schiller's discography includes:

    German releases

    English translation in parentheses.

    1999 Zeitgeist (Spirit of the Age)
    2001 Weltreise (The World Trip)
    2003 Leben (Life)
    2004 Live Erleben (Live Experience)
    2005 Tag und Nacht (Day and Night)
    2006 Tagtraum (Daydream)
    2008 Sehnsucht (Desire)
    2008 Sehnsucht Live
    2010 Atemlos (Breathless) (2xCD) (Release 12 March)
    2010 Atemlos Live
    2010 Lichtblick Ep (Ray of Hope Ep)
    2012 Sonne / (Sun) (Released on October 5, 2012)
    2013 Opus (Released on August 30, 2013)

    All albums received special edition release alongside standard release.
    US releases

    2001 Zeitgeist
    2002 Voyage
    2004 Life
    2005 Prologue (previously Germany concert sales only)
    2007 Day and Night
    2011 Breathless (U.S. version includes Desire)
    2013 Sun

    German releases

    1998 Das Glockenspiel (The Glockenspiel)
    1999 Liebesschmerz (Lover's Pain)
    1999 Ruhe (Calm)
    2000 Ein Schöner Tag (A Beautiful Day) (with Isgaard)
    2001 Dream of You (with Peter Heppner)
    2001 Dancing With Loneliness (with Kim Sanders)
    2003 Liebe (with Mila Mar) (Love)
    2004 Leben… I Feel You (with Peter Heppner)
    2004 I've Seen It All (with Maya Saban) (1 Track Promo Release Only)
    2004 The Smile (with Sarah Brightman) (1 Track Promo Release Only)
    2005 Die Nacht… Du Bist Nicht Allein (with Thomas D.) (The Night… You Are Not Alone)
    2006 Der Tag… Du Bist Erwacht (with Jette von Roth) (The Day… You Are Awake)
    2008 Sehnsucht (with Xavier Naidoo) (Desire) (1 Track Promo Release Only)
    2008 Let Me Love You (with Kim Sanders)
    2008 Time For Dreams (with Lang Lang)
    2008 You (with Colbie Caillat)
    2010 Try (with Nadia Ali)
    2010 I Will Follow You (with Hen Ree) (Release: 11 June)
    2010 Always You / Innocent Lies (with Anggun) (Release: 12 November)
    2012 Sonne (with Unheilig) (Release: 21 September) (Sun)

    US releases

    2000 Das Glockenspiel/ The Bell
    2002 Dream of You (with Peter Heppner)
    2005 I Feel You (with Peter Heppner & Kristian Djunited Hansson)
    2007 Tired of Being Alone (with Tarja Turunen)
    2008 Porque Te Vas (with Ana Torroja)
    2008 Forever (with Kim Sanders)
    2008 Breathe (with September (singer))
    2008 You (with Colbie Caillat)
    2011 I feel You (with Kristian Djunited Hansson and Nadia Ali

    UK releases

    2000 Das Glockenspiel
    2001 Ruhe
    2001 Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiesto remix)

    German releases

    2001 Weltreise – Die DVD
    2004 Leben – Die DVD
    2004 Live ErLeben (live DVD)
    2006 Tagtraum (double DVD + audio CD)
    2008 Sehnsucht Live (double DVD)
    2010 Lichtblick (double DVD)
    2013 Sonne Live (double DVD)

    US releases

    2002 Voyage – The DVD
    2004 Life Special editions of the album contained an amended, translated version of the DVD "Leben".
    2007 Day and Night Live

    Charitable releases

    2005 A Future for the Michel – Moya Brennan & Schiller

    Mixes & Remixes

    1999 Sunbeam - Outside World
    1999 Supanova - Don’t Break My Heart &
    1999 Trance Allstars - The First Rebirth &
    2000 Trance Allstars - Ready To Flow &
    2000 Tyrell Corp - Running 2.0
    2000 U 96 - Das Boot 2001
    2002 Apoptygma Berzerk - Until The End Of The World
    2002 ATB - Let U Go
    2002 Gregorian (band) feat. Sarah Brightman - Join Me
    2002 Sinead O'Connor - Troy , , &
    2002 Trance Allstars - Lost In Love &
    2003 Mesh (band) - Friends Like These
    2003 Moya Brennan - Show Me &
    2004 Marianne Rosenberg - Er gehört zu mir
    2004 Mila Mar - Sense Of Being
    2004 Polarkreis 18 -Allein Allein
    2004 Rammstein - Ohne Dich
    2008 Klaus Schulze und Lisa Gerrard - Liquid Coincidence 2
    2011 Andrea Corr - Pale Blue Eyes

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