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ScHoolboy Q

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    Quincey Matthew Hanley (born October 26, 1986), better known by his stage name ScHoolboy Q is an American recording hip hop artist from Los Angeles, California.

    Hanley is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and is a member of Black Hippy along with Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and Ab-Soul.

    In 2008, ScHoolboy Q released his first mixtape titled, ScHoolboy Turned Hustla and followed up in 2009 with Gangsta & Soul. In 2011, he finally released his first album titled, Setbacks. Later ScHoolboy Q released his sophomore album titled, Oxymoron in early 2014, followed by Blank Face LP in 2016. Oxymoron was also nominated for Rap Album of The Year.

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