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Sascha Funke

minimal electronic techno electro BPitch Control

    A kind of techno that sways between the polarity of emotional overload and concrete rationale – hence immediacy, which is what Sascha Funke is all about.

    Sascha listens to a lot of euro-dance-pop as a twelve year-old his first purchased record after the fall of the wall was "technotronic mega mix".
    First contact with techno and house is thanks to marusha's radio show "rave satellite;" Sascha buys his first techno record "the seawolf" (underground resistance/ ur).
    He visits the legendary Berlin club walfisch for the first time as a raver; he organizes parties in youth clubs in the east Berlin section Lichtenberg and thus encounters his first DJ experiences with trance.
    Sascha goes out with passion and visits clubs like the E-werk or The Matrix.
    Sascha begins his DJ career in Berlin clubs like Discount or SO36.
    He attempts first steps as a producer with borrowed equipment and the help of his soon to-be label partner Paul Kalkbrenner in their collective studio.
    Sascha splits his studio and runs a new studio with Djoker Daan in the side rooms of the Berlin club casino.
    Sascha's musical home becomes bpitch control, DJ's at the Ostgut, WMF, Maria, Tresor. Releases also on kompakt (Köln).
    Remix fun, like for mitte karaoke, internship at the newspaper De-bug, further solo releases.
    Bpitch control „Gemeinsam-tour 2002“, studio work on his first album.
    His debut-album Bbravo" / BPC075 appears in September 2003. bravo-tour around the world.
    participation with the soccer team of bpitch at the magnet mitte soccer cup - drop out at preliminary round,
    Best party: bpitch new year eve at Maria/Berlin
    Participation with the soccer team of Bpitch at the magnet mitte soccer cup - drop out at the semi finale. More remixes for A. Kowalski and Kompakt 100. Best party: WMF Summer Camp and Melt.
    No participation at the magnet mitte soccer cup due to an injury. More remixes for Ada and Anja Schneider. He got over his fear of flying and started working for the wepshop of Bpitch. Best party: WMF Summer Camp and Sonar.
    Moving back with his studio into the Bpitch house. He finished the second “boogy bytes” mix cd. Works on his new album. Moves temporarily to Aix-en-Provence in order to escape the grey Berlin winter.
    Produces in Aix-en-Provence an exclusive track for bpc's label compilation "Camping vol.3" (bpc148+149) as well as tracks for a new ep - "Auf Aix" (bpc144)

    'Mango' released on BPitch.

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