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Sarkom was founded in 2003 in Norway (Lørenskog), by Renton and Unsgaard and after composing some songs, Sagstad joined the band, as they started to record a 4 track promo. In 2004 their demo was spread around and they got good critics as well as a couple of minor offers for a record deal. New songs were written and in 2005 they signed a deal with Twilight-Vertrieb and recorded their first fullength album "Aggravation of Mind". This album was released in the beginning of 2006 and received good critics. Later that year, they recruited a live guitar and bassist, and Sarkom`s first live apperance took place during the summer at a metal festival in Germany with bands such as Master, Helheim, Menhir etc. This was followed up with an 11 date European tour with Koldbrann and Negator in October. In 2007 only a few concerts were held, mostly in Norway, as they were working with material for their second fullength album, "Bestial Supremacy".The album was released 14.November through Twilight-Vertrieb.

Sarkom has published photos.