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Sarah Lee Guthrie

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    Sarah Lee Guthrie (b. February 17, 1979 in Massachusetts) She is the youngest daughter of world renowned folksinger Arlo Guthrie (Alice's Resturant, City of New Orleans) and granddaughter of legendary Woody Guthrie (This Land is your Land). Sarah Lee was two years old when she made her singing debut as part of a children’s chorus on Arlo’s 1981 album, Power of Love, but she had little subsequent interest in making music herself, although she was surrounded by it. “I think it was in me,” she says, “but I wasn’t ready for it.” After graduating from high school in 1997, Sarah Lee agreed to tour-manage her father, who was emceeing the Further Festival, on which members of the Grateful Dead were joined by the Black Crowes. This was the tour that turned Sarah Lee torward a music career of her own…. shortly after she moved to Los Angeles where she met future husband Johnny Irion. Guthrie and Irion were married on October 16, 1999 and began performing together as an acoustic duo in the fall of 2000. In 2002, Sarah Lee released her self titled debut album on the family record company Rising Son Records. In 2005 Guthrie and Irion were signed to New West Records and released their debut album together "Exploration" produced by Gary Louris ( The Jayhawks ). Currently Sarah Lee and Johnny are touring and making records for their own independent record company Rte. 8 Records.

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