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Sarah Jarosz

folk bluegrass singer-songwriter female vocalists americana

    Sarah Jarosz (born 23 May 1991 in Austin, Texas) is an American alt-country musician and singer-songwriter from Texas. Her first CD, Song Up in Her Head, was released in 2009, with her tune "Mansinneedof" nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Country Instrumental Performance. Her second album, Follow Me Down, was released in 2011. Her third album, Build Me Up from Bones, was released on September 24, 2013 through Sugar Hill Records.

    Jarosz emerged on the scene in about 2003 as someone to watch. Jamming on stage with bluegrass icons named Grisman or Skaggs, she played her mandolin with a sure touch and real joy. It looked and sounded comfortable in her twelve-year-old hands. She started writing songs on the guitar, took up the banjo, and won a bunch of awards. While her instrumental talents are formidable, let's make one thing clear: Sarah is a singer. She's just flat got it. Her voice is velvety smooth, agile, and powerful. With subtle use of colors and effects, she inhabits her songs the way a fine actress does her role. Overall, her music feels good, avoids over reaching. Nothing's contrived.

    Her schoolteacher parents have raised her well, providing the skills, support, and freedom to become the confident artist that she is. Beautiful, talented, and just a little mysterious in a wholesome, Wimberley Texas hill-country kinda way, Jarosz is at home in this world. She knows what she's about and is ready to get out there and make her mark.

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