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Sam Smith

soul pop british electronic dance

      Sam Smith (born Samuel Frederick Smith, May 19, 1992 in London) is a singer/songwriter. While his early career was geared up towards musical theatre, it was dance music that kicked it off.

      In October 2012, Sam Smith featured on Disclosure’s single Latch, which peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart. In February 2013 he released his début single Lay Me Down. In May 2013, he featured on Naughty Boy’s single La La La, which entered at number one on the UK Singles Chart. Still under the PMR umbrella, the Nirvana EP containing Safe with Me and NIrvana was released in October (UK) and January 2014 (US).

      May 2014 saw the release of his début album, In The Lonely Hour. The first two singles, Money On My Mind and Stay With Me entered at number one on the UK Singles Chart.

      The association with Disclosure and song-writer Jimmy Napes continued with the collaboration on Mary J Blige's 2014 album The London Sessions, who also featured on a second version of the single 'Stay with me'.

      January 2015 saw the re-release of 'Lay me Down', re-recorded with the original team. In February 2015, he won the Grammy award for Best New Artist, Record of The Year, Song of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. In March 2015 a third version of 'Lay Me Down', featuring John Legend was released to be used as a the official Red Nose Day charity single. In July 2015, he featured on the Disclosure single Omen.

      Sam Smith is also the recording name of an Australian artist who released the album ‘Further’.

      Bond Movie - on Mon Sept 7, 2015, it was revealed that Sam Smith was to sing the latest Bond theme, 'Writing's on the Wall' from the movie "Spectre".

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